About Italiansupercar

Hello everybody,

my name is Matteo and I'm 27 years old. I live in Emilia-Romagna an italian region.

I know, for some of you this already means something...for all the others this big plain is called "Motor Valley". Why? Simple, in this territory between Bologna, Modena and Ferrara are settled the most important and prestigious supercars automotive manifacturers. Personally I think that for a fan of motors like me it's a beautiful place to live! Smile




I'm speaking not only about normal cars but Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, DeTomaso and more! The gotha of supercars!

As you can see from the map this is like a small and lucky triangle and I live just inside of this awesome place. Can I remain indifferent from all of this? It's impossible! Smile And it's just for this, for my passion for cars, for this extraordinary land and people who have made Italy worldwide renown that I've decided to realize Italiansupercar.net.

To make this possible I've thought that the best way was to give on-line space to my enormous photographic archive that every year becomes  richer in images captured from motor events not only in Emilia Romagna but all around Italy. As it's has already happened I hope to increse also the appointments outside Italy that regard Italian supercars.