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As many of you have noticed, 2009 has been for team the year of our entry on YouTube with a dedicated video channel called Italiansupercarvideo .
We looked forward to this moment and during all the years we worked on this idea and makes sense. To create a video section of the website we wanted it to be equal to the corresponding photos in high resolution. And then the way we have undertaken has been to make available, whenever possible, coverage of an event whether photographic or through in HD. Yeah, just the high definition was the starting key point. Each visitor can view the contents in the best quality that we currently offer. To do this, during 2008 we have bought a small HD camcorder, the Canon HF100 and we started to try and experimentWink
Despite being a product for consumer-market, we quickly realized the excellent quality of video, favored by the small size that make it lighter and an inevitable part of our equipment during the most important events.
As far as I'm concerned I still have much to learn about the proper use of camcorder, especially in how to compose videos and how best to manage movies in postproduction. The year 2010 will be focused even more on the "photo & video" combination for better coverage events. The strong signals of interest shown On newborn Italiansupercarvideo channel can only spur us to try and make available for all visitors as much material as possible. We chose YouTube because believe it's the most important widespread video reality now available on the Net. During all 2009, YouTube has implemented HD functions and this presents for us a big chance to be an active part in this huge video community.

Canon HF100

In November I purchased an additional 0.5x super wide angle converion lens for Canon Hf100 (HD-5050pro).
I chose a product made by Raynox , one of the best brands for additional optical components with headquarters and production in Japan.
Throughout 2009 I've felt, often,  the lack of having a better wide-angle lens for make  videos in indoor cars expo where often there's very little space to move. I noticed that the image quality degrades at the edges of the frame, but I think it's perfectly acceptable. Is the price to pay for a much wider coverage. For almost the whole framed scene sharpness seemed to me still very high level. Of course if you decide to use HF100 + Raynox for all 12x possibility of original optic Canon zoom degradation of the edges will be increased in proportion with the length of the zoom used.During 2010 I will have to perform many other tests but it's clear that the best results are obtained by leaving the original camera zoom in his wide zone.
Canon HF100 + Raynon HD-5050pro
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