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January 2010, foto & video, come in!
As you noticed, I can update this section only in the winter months, when the motoring season is off and still awaiting the warm weather to restart.
During 2008 I've followed many events and of course I always had with me a couple of zoom, mainly the Canon EF 16-35 L II like a wide angle shots and Canon EF 100-300 F5.6 L like tele. The problem however was that I often found to having change lens to engage the ones I needed. The worst thing was losing some shots for not have immediately available the necessary zoom...Yell
So after repeatedly photographic session with my friend Simone ( ) already equipped with 2 cameras I could appreciate the big advantage of having 2 reflex always ready to work. Not wanting to spend too much I decided to search an used second body, as good as the 30D.
At the end of January 2009, after checking the prices of Canon 20D on used market, I found one with about 20,000 shots, in good condition at the same price of a new compact digicam. Well, after all, technological progress has also its advantages!Cool
After a year of use and over 10,000 shots taken only with this body, I can say that the unit is fine, as much as the 30D.
I found some small and annoying shortcomings compared to 30D (apart the rear smaller display, but this isn't so important, at least for me ...). The first is the lack of ISO display in the viewfinder that forces to pull the eye away from the camera and select it, checking on the small screen placed at the top of the camera. Even here, however, I must say that after many hours of use you can change  ISO settings using your memory and turning the dial, but surely you have not the certainty on viewfinder of what you are doing...
The second and perhaps more limiting problem is the limited usable ISO scale, via the classic 100-200-400-800-1600 steps where you lost profits intermediate passages that are present on the 30D. For the rest I find the 20D very similar to the 30D, also with virtually identical image quality. They also have the same sensor, the same resolution and the same high build quality. Even the keys are located in the same position in both bodies. This proves to be good to change settings quickly.
I decided to keep the Canon 16-35 II L always installed on this reflex, so all wide pictures that you saw on the website in 2009, were made by 20D, sometimes in addition with Speedlight 580 EX flash.
Here you can see the 2 reflex together. In terms of aesthetics are identical and only in the back you can notice the larger display of 30D. Same logic layout of controls.
Canon 20D + 30D with BG-E2N
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